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Emma travel scarf features a secret pocket. An accessory that perks up any outfit and is amazingly practical. Our hidden pocket scarves feature a pocket that is large enough to carry all of your essentials. We like to wear it for everyday errands, trips, concerts, carrying meds, and anywhere we want to enjoy ourselves with free hands.

Some more details:

- Made from 100% rayon which is soft, silky feeling, and breathable for keeping you cool even on hot days. We used factory's "dead stock" to be more earth friendly.

- Pocket is 9" x 10" and secured with a quality YKK zipper

-Scarf measures 9" x 35", perfect for double or triple looping. Triple looping your scarf keeps items close and prevents "swinging" of heavier objects.

-For care, hand wash and lay flat to dry or dry clean. Iron on low heat to remove any wrinkles.

Emma Infinity Scarf With Pocket

SKU: DC-113731
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