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Materials : Bamboo Fiber, Bamboo Wood

Measurements: 21.7" x 43.3" (+/- 0.2")

  • ORIENTAL RUSTIC FARMHOUSE HOME WALL DECOR - Decorate your home with this special wall fan for a unique rustic farmhouse chic look. Lovely rustic distressed details and natural bamboo add to its laid-back charm. This wall art creates a sense of oriental harmony and comfort for your bedroom, dorm room, living area, baby nursery, workspace, or anywhere where you'd like to add some specials to your walls
  • THE SYMBOL OF WEALTH, GOOD LUCK, AND PROTECTION - The purpose of the fan is to guide and redirect energy to the desired space. In oriental Feng Shui, it’s a symbol of wealth, good luck, and protection. Beautiful fan tail motifs and decorative fans are traditional wall pediments in Asian homes.
  • HANDMADE & EARTH-FRIENDLY – The rustic wall fans are made of organic bamboo and crafted by hand by Vietnamese artisans. Bamboo is a plant that’s sustainably grown and easy to harvest, making it a great eco-friendly and sustainable decor and storage material. For thousands of years, it has been widely used by artisans to make home furniture and accessories, including wall-hanging pediments and decorations.

Extra-Large Folding Wall Hanging Fan For Home Deco

PrixÀ partir de 44,76$
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