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Inspired by rippled sand patterns of the desert landscape, the Elemental Earth Collection offers swirling, neutral colors that will complement any room decor. When lit, the translucent glass glows with a gentle radiance.


Hand-poured candle lightly scented with lavender with 3 all cotton wicks. 6.75 x 2.5 inches, provides 20 hours of burn time. Your candle arrives in a beautiful gift box and includes a story card of the woman who made it.



With only a grade school education and very little work experience, Hiyam was suddenly faced with the responsibility of supporting her family when her husband became disabled in 1997. Though she had dreamed of attending college and having a successful career, her traditional marriage prevented her from fulfilling those dreams. In 2009 she learned about the opportunity to become trained in candle-making, and for Hiyam, this opportunity has launched a career.

"A candle gives light to others. My first candle gave me this impression and every time I make candles I feel joy." - Hiyam Muhsin, August 2015

Elemental Earth 3-Wick Glass Bowl

SKU: DC-1549396
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